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Date based on your Myers-Briggs/Jungian personality type results!

Match your same type and/or the Dominant and/or Auxiliary Functions! 

If you don't know your type already, scroll down and click on the "Humanmetrics" link and take a FREE personality indicator. Get your results and return!

Typedates.com was established in 1999 as a result of 33+ years of career/relationship counseling using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as the fundamental behavioral analysis tool.

My name is Ken and I retired as a Senior Career Coach after 33 years of practice from a major mid-western 4-year university. My great take away from all those years of career planning and relationship advising is that relationships, as well as careers, are better, more successful, easier to navigate and more personally rewarding on just about every level one can think of when people are matching personality type more rather than less in those activities.

Time after time, at least 90% of the time, when clients would complain of relationship trouble or job dissatisfaction that was ongoing the trouble was invariably rooted in personality differences.

The client's personality type was more UNLIKE the personality type of either the person they were trying to love and relate to or the work environment they were in…90% of the time!!

Well, it became very clear after researching the online dating industry that bringing people together based upon everything else except personality type was and is the norm. I desire to change that right now.

Using typedates.com you can find relationships based upon your instinctive personality preferences. The idea is to build from there. Start with your instinctively preferred personality behavioral preferences first, then build with interests, values, skills, spirituality, etc. All the non-personality type things can be used on this site as well and you will see those in the personal profile section; but, start with personality type identification first and use that as a relationship finder, love finder FIRST!!

Your personal, intimate life will be much easier, calmer, peaceful and rewarding when you build upon mutual instinct, those things that cannot change rather than building on those things that do change.

We will explain and guide you to an understanding of all the personality preferences but you do not need to get a degree in personality type to use this dating site.

If you don’t know your personality type now, identify your personality type using a free Myers Briggs like type indicator and go from there. I recommend using Humanmetrics as the type identifying instrument. It is free, and I get absolutely nothing from them by sending you there.

Go to the “Resources” page of this site for more detailed information.

TypeDates.com aims to meet the need for a site that has higher standards in terms of the content. It is our aim to avoid the purely sexual profiles by both professional and personal advertisers without being judgmental about a person's lifestyle. We hope that this will increase the chances of you contacting genuine advertisers rather than chasing advertisers who are only chasing your money!

We believe that this site provides a fresh and engaging forum for our users and we are committed to offering the best value for money for the service. The original site was a free site financed through banner advertising, but the collapse in the value of this market and the fact that we could not develop the site to target a larger audience (due to the increasing cost of advertising) means that we have have been forced to switch to a fee-based service.

We hope that you will enjoy this site. Should you have any questions or comments then please feel free to contact us at ken@typedates.com